Fresh Air and Outdoor Adventures


Dear Jibs friends,

And hello August! My favorite month of the year as memories of hot summer nights and endless sunshine bringing all the family and friends together in the simple goodness of fresh air and outdoor adventures. This year, albeit a very different summer experience for us all, is even more vital that we all take time to refresh and fill up on Vitamin D before heading back into the fall.

Filling up and cleaning up is a good theme I carry forward through these last months. The filling up with healthy food, activities and a healthy environment. Meaning surrounding myself (safely IRL and virtual) with positive support from and to friends. I’ve learnt through experience that powering up others equally charges my own batteries. 

Simple actions like joining in and spreading positive movements, even as light hearted as the recent #challengeaccepted chain-mail type, can help lift us all up by joining together and celebrating life’s little moments - and give us an excuse to dig through our photo albums in search of a favorite selfie to reshare in black and white to the world ;)

Then on top of these actions there’s spaces like this (a weekly newsletter about everybody's love for Jibs shoes) where as founder I can also hijack to shout out about inspiring souls among us... like Daniela’s recent Forbes article on how her company Reel is making personal finance more accessible, and Kaity and Katharine are ultra supporting brands like Jibs with their For Now shops and For Later fund. 

Plus, as you’ll see more in the coming weeks we’ll be sharing everyday stories such as Brooke (@pintsize) and her mom glowing in their natural charm, Miami local Rachel jumping into her next entrepreneurial feat, and Alex aka Travel Fashion Girl keeping it real while we swap out our jet-setting for road trips this summer. Let’s not forget about all our masculine champions out there, who (pun intended) replenish power by cheerleading us on, one kickstarter success after another.  

I’ll leave you today with a recent shared wisdom:  

If there is failure let it be your fault, if there is success let it be your doing.

With plenty of uncertainty in our current environment it’s a good reminder that we as individuals hold the power in taking action towards our desires.

Enjoy your journey, have a nice day.

Natalie xx

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