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Jibs Mid Rise Galaxy Blue

Jibs Mid Rise Galaxy Blue
Jibs Mid Rise Galaxy Blue
Jibs Mid Rise Galaxy Blue
Jibs Mid Rise Galaxy Blue
Jibs Mid Rise Galaxy Blue
Jibs Mid Rise Galaxy Blue

Jibs Mid Rise Galaxy Blue



Ordering a size smaller than you typically wear is recommended for Classic and Mid Rise as Jibs intentionally fit large in order for the un-lined soft Brazilian leather to naturally stretch and take on the unique shape of your foot.

Aka our special diamond perforations stretch as much, or as little, allowing for a unique fit to your exact foot shape.

We don’t do Jibs by halves, so, when it comes to sizing if you are between two sizes go smaller for a perfect fit. The ultra comfort that flexes between sizes is a result of the natural stretch in our biodegradable perforated leather. 

You can anticipate your shoes to stretch up to half a size between an hour to a day of strolling the streets or beaches. Some say, like skinny jeans, if they are super snug at first, (but not painful) they then relax to a perfect glove-like fit. If they are too loose to begin with, they will then stretch and slip off your feet.


Extra tip for JIBS CLASSICS:

Jibs Classic

We intend for our Classics to be a little more on the casual side, a reflection of their Brazilian beachside heritage.

- If you are looking for a flip-flop alternative with a loose and free-wheeling vibe then your traditional loafer shoe size can work well.

- If you're going glam (metallic or full color) and looking for a slick solid strut then please move down a size and let the snugness of our leather give you that glove-like fit.

- If you're like our founder and enjoys the Jibs life from casual chic to rock climber adrenaline moments then also size down for best support across all moments you can get yourself into. 


Extra tips for JIBS SLIM:

Jibs Slim

As per the name, these pointed beauties are a narrow fit than our other styles. They fit more true to size therefore:

- If you're a half size and have normal to wide feet, go up to the next size (a true 7.5 fits an 8) 

- If you're a half size and quite narrow or low arch, go down a size (7.5 fits a 7)


 Extra tips for JIBS MID RISE:

Jibs Mid Rise

Our newest family member, and wow what a popular one! The taller version of our Classic is our most versatile style yet as it fits a wide variety of feet and ankle shapes.

- The taller ankle coverage with a cup like heel hold your foot in place well, whether slim or wide.

- At first go you may need to breath in as you squeeze your foot into the shoe opening then rest assured times two to ten thousand will feel effortless.

- For size selection follow our general guidelines, go down a size of a half size and aim for a snug barefoot feeling.

- For our sock wearing addicts, sure this style is best for you and buy true to size to allow for extra sock space.


Curious for half sizes? If you have an average to narrow foot, go for the size smaller (ex: size 7.5 go for 7). If you have a wide foot then move up a size (ex: size 7.5 go for 8). 



Jibs international int'l shoe size chat


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US Womens + Mens Size
Jibs typically fit large! For Classic or Mid Rise please order a full size down, especially if you’re a half size. For best fitting advice see full size chart here - a happy, snug fit is worth the quick click!
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Jibs Mid Rise Galaxy Blue

Imagine a pair of stylish boots that are actually sneakers but feel like wearing your favorite socks. The Jibs Mid Rise is exactly that imagination coming to life, using our natural diamond perforated leather and slip-on design to create a super snug hybrid shoe that elevates style and comfort to new levels. 


Flexible slip-on designs that are comfortable and easy to slip into.

Diamond perforated leather that shapes around any foot in a super snug way.

Odor free materials to avoid awkward moments (natural cork and leather)

Handmade with love for quality.

Low impact materials and lifecycle (natural, recycled and reusable materials)


Manufacturing: Hand made in Brazil with locally sourced materials
from family owned businesses that care for quality.

Biodegradable leather upper: 100% real leather, breathable and flexible, natural tumbled and tanned, no chemical treatments.

Therma Rubber sole: strong flexible rubber mix, non-vulcanized, reusable and recyclable.

Natural cork insole: non-processed cork, moisture-wicking, odor free.

Recycled paper shoe box: 100% recycled, no waste, approved by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)


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EFFORTLESS EXCHANGES Your exchange ships out as soon as you drop the return in the mail.

FAST DELIVERY Receive your order an estimated 3-5 days after shipment.

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Jibs slip-ons are based on timeless silhouettes redesigned in a modern fashion.

Get cozy with our diamond perforated leather.

Our diamond perforated upper is 100% real biodegradable-leather, giving an excellent elasticity to shape around any foot in a super snug way.

Our biodegradable leather is processed without the use of chemicals. This natural approach allows the leather to remain breathable and fully recyclable.

Did you say Odor Free?

Yes! Our use of natural breathable leather and a cork in-sole is the secret weapon to non-stinky feet. Tested with teenagers in their prime puberty.

Avoid awkward moments while keeping your bare-feet effortlessly comfortable and odor free.

Where style meets comfort.

To add comfort, strength and durability to all our shoes, we decided to use a Therma Rubber mix for our soles. This unique mix makes our soles strong as well as flexible. And, because our soles are non-vulcanized, they are fully reusable and recyclable.

We are all for comfort that is stylish and easy to slip into style.

With love for quality and the world we live in.

Jibs are hand-made in Brazil with locally sourced materials from family owned businesses that care for quality.

We proudly choose materials and processes which are low impact and have a natural lifecycle.

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