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We make our shoes with love for fashion
and the world we live in.

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Jibs slip-ons are based on timeless silhouettes redesigned in a modern fashion.

Get cozy with our diamond perforated leather.

Our diamond perforated upper is 100% real biodegradable-leather, giving an excellent elasticity to shape around any foot in a super snug way.

Our biodegradable leather is processed without the use of chemicals. This natural approach allows the leather to remain breathable and fully recyclable.

Did you say Odor Free?

Yes! Our use of natural breathable leather and a cork in-sole is the secret weapon to non-stinky feet. Tested with teenagers in their prime puberty.

Avoid awkward moments while keeping your bare-feet effortlessly comfortable and odor free.

Where style meets comfort.

To add comfort, strength and durability to all our shoes, we decided to use a Therma Rubber mix for our soles. This unique mix makes our soles strong as well as flexible. And, because our soles are non-vulcanized, they are fully reusable and recyclable.

We are all for comfort that is stylish and easy to slip into style.

With love for quality and the world we live in.

Jibs are hand-made in Brazil with locally sourced materials from family owned businesses that care for quality.

We proudly choose materials and processes which are low impact and have a natural lifecycle.