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Watch where the Jibs journey started...

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We make our shoes with love for fashion and the world we live in.

In 2015 we embarked on a journey to blend our passion for shoes with our love for the world we live in. We believed that taking care of ourselves and our playground is taking a step towards true well being and feeling good.

Along the years we’ve learned that when feeling good wins without conforming to expectations or egos, you open up to wonderful new perspectives and experiences that make a day special. Our shoes may not be the elixir, but we have learned from our wearers that we are a reliable companion towards their well-being. Supporting stylish, very comfortable looks for any occasion and giving peace of mind that our shoes are hand-made with high quality materials that have the lowest impact on the planet.

So far our journey has been exciting, tough, fun and insightful. Truth is, we would have never made it to where we are now without the love and feedback from our wearers. Together we are Jibs, and together we are on the Jibs journey, supporting any person to get a step closer towards true well being. So if you like the sounds of no expectations, no rules, no egos, just being yourself and feeling good, join us on the exciting rollercoaster we dubbed the #JibsJourney

We hope you feel good, and please keep making memories, every step you take.

It’s not “Build it and they will come.” It’s “Build it, make it great, tell everyone about it and when they come in the door, hug and kiss them so they know they are appreciated.

Jibs founder/ CEO, Natalie Kathleen:

For many years I used the world as a playground, from traveling to exotic countries to exploring new neighborhoods. The memories I made were not just based on seeing things, they were based on truly being part of moments. This shaped the foundation of Jibs, and the goal to create more of a movement than just another brand. A movement that enables our wearers to feel good, look and be good while making memories during big adventures or tiny moments.

About Jibs:

We manufacture shoes that have timeless silhouettes with a modern design layer so they can be worn on any occasion. All Jibs are made in Brazil with recycled soles, flexible slip-on design and perforated bio leather. This allows our shoes to seamlessly fit around your unique feet, giving an utterly snug feeling.

Jibs slip-ons are based on timeless silhouettes redesigned in a modern fashion.

Get cozy with our diamond perforated leather.

Our diamond perforated upper is 100% real biodegradable-leather, giving an excellent elasticity to shape around any foot in a super snug way.

Our biodegradable leather is processed without the use of chemicals. This natural approach allows the leather to remain breathable and fully recyclable.

Did you say Odor Free?

Yes! Our use of natural breathable leather and a cork in-sole is the secret weapon to non-stinky feet. Tested with teenagers in their prime puberty.

Avoid awkward moments while keeping your bare-feet effortlessly comfortable and odor free.

Where style meets comfort.

To add comfort, strength and durability to all our shoes, we decided to use a Therma Rubber mix for our soles. This unique mix makes our soles strong as well as flexible. And, because our soles are non-vulcanized, they are fully reusable and recyclable.

We are all for comfort that is stylish and easy to slip into style.

With love for quality and the world we live in.

Jibs are hand-made in Brazil with locally sourced materials from family owned businesses that care for quality.

We proudly choose materials and processes which are low impact and have a natural lifecycle.
Helpful FAQs
We don’t do Jibs by halves*, but we do fit very true to size. The ultra comfort that flexes between sizes is a result of the natural stretch in our biodegradable perforated leather, allowing for a unique fit to your exact foot shape.

This perfect fit will likely start with a very snug feeling when you first slide Jibs on your feet. They will then stretch out within minutes to hours for a glove like comfort. You can anticipate your Jibs to stretch up to half a size between an hour to a day of strolling the streets or beaches.

Some say, like skinny jeans, if they are super snug at first, (but not painful) they then relax to a perfect glove-like fit. If they are too loose to begin with, they may then stretch and slip off your feet.

Curious for half sizes? If you have a very narrow foot, go for the size smaller (ex: size 7.5 go for 7). If you have a normal to wide foot then move up a size (ex: size 7.5 go for 8).

See our International Size Conversion chart here.

*Yes... exception to the rule we do offer a Men's size 10.5 as this is a very popular size and in US shoe sizing there is a large gap between a Men's size 10 and size 11 #FactOfTheDay ;)
Good questions.

If your original Jibs often ended up stretched out and super loose, then move up a size - most likely to your typical shoe size as Jibs now fit true-to-size and we no longer suggest you move down to a smaller size.

This is due to our new biodegradable, less chemically processed, leather upper which arrives much softer to touch yet also retains its shape so your Jibs fit stronger for longer.

As always - chat with us below or email us if you need a reminder to your size!

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