Natalie Kathleen founded Jibs in 2015 after embarking on a journey to blend her passion for shoes with a love of travel, adventure and life. Essentially, she wanted to make a shoe that could keep up, that wouldn’t slow her down, that could take her from the office, to an impromptu bike ride, to drinks with her friends. After years of globetrotting and seeking out those big memory-making moments, Natalie wanted to design a shoe for epic travels as well as the little everyday adventures called life. She made her way to Três Coroas, Brazil to a friend’s family factory, and what resulted was Jibs, a footwear collection with recycled soles, a flexible slip-on design and perforated biodegradable leather that fits seamlessly on every foot and features multiple colors and styles for everyone from outdoor enthusiasts to the street style icons.

It’s not “Build it and they will come.” It’s “Build it, make it great, tell everyone about it and when they come in the door, hug and kiss them so they know they are appreciated.
- Natalie, Jibs Founder

We Believe In Putting Your Best Foot Forward.

We stand for confidence, empowerment and the feeling that you can do anything. If you’re comfortable in your shoes, if you like how you look, you’ll feel good and rise to any occasion. Our proprietary leather footwear marries flexibility and softness with a touch of stiffness to make the most comfortable quality shoe. Its customized diamond perforation allows for breathability and stretch. In other words, Jibs already has that worn-in feeling straight out of the box, so it takes less time to get a super comfy fit. We also love shiny metallics, bold pops of color and cool silhouettes that pair with everything from everyday denim to date night style. So you could say we appreciate style, too.

We Believe In Stepping Into The Good.

There’s a reason we sneak “Have a Nice Day” into our insoles. We believe that if you do one small good deed everyday, that can add up to some pretty major change. We may not be saving the world, but every pair of Jibs features a leather that composts in under 200 days. (The average leather compost time is 50 years!) Our shoes are handmade by footwear specialists in Brazil who have a legacy of craft and use a bio/eco process with earth friendly chemicals, less water usage and biodegradable features - all tested and certified in Spain. Our leather is up to 98% biodegradable, where typical leather is 30% biodegradable! That’s pretty, pretty cool.

We Believe That Life is a Journey.

The Jibs brand was conceived in New York by a Canadian who started obsessing over footwear with a Brazilian. See where we’re going here? Jibs represents the journey of life and the adventure that’s waiting behind the unknown. It’s not the end game, it’s living in the moment. It’s a trip to the playground or to the other side of the world. It’s getting on that bike or spontaneously diving into the ocean. (Thanks to our Bio leather with colorfast technology!!) With our customized diamond perforation, our shoes are odor free, anti-sweat and react to your body temperature, so they’ll keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat. So take that risk, go on the hike, play some pick-up tennis. Live big and be comfortable.

Jibs slip-ons are based on timeless silhouettes redesigned in a modern fashion.

Get cozy with our diamond perforated leather.

Our diamond perforated upper is 100% real biodegradable-leather, giving an excellent elasticity to shape around any foot in a super snug way.

Our biodegradable leather is processed without the use of chemicals. This natural approach allows the leather to remain breathable and fully recyclable.

Did you say Odor Free?

Yes! Our use of natural breathable leather and a cork in-sole is the secret weapon to non-stinky feet. Tested with teenagers in their prime puberty.

Avoid awkward moments while keeping your bare-feet effortlessly comfortable and odor free.

Where style meets comfort.

To add comfort, strength and durability to all our shoes, we decided to use a Therma Rubber mix for our soles. This unique mix makes our soles strong as well as flexible. And, because our soles are non-vulcanized, they are fully reusable and recyclable.

We are all for comfort that is stylish and easy to slip into style.

With love for quality and the world we live in.

Jibs are hand-made in Brazil with locally sourced materials from family owned businesses that care for quality.

We proudly choose materials and processes which are low impact and have a natural lifecycle.
Helpful FAQs
We don’t do Jibs by halves*, but we do fit very true to size. The ultra comfort that flexes between sizes is a result of the natural stretch in our biodegradable perforated leather, allowing for a unique fit to your exact foot shape.

This perfect fit will likely start with a very snug feeling when you first slide Jibs on your feet. They will then stretch out within minutes to hours for a glove like comfort. You can anticipate your Jibs to stretch up to half a size between an hour to a day of strolling the streets or beaches.

Some say, like skinny jeans, if they are super snug at first, (but not painful) they then relax to a perfect glove-like fit. If they are too loose to begin with, they may then stretch and slip off your feet.

Curious for half sizes? If you have a very narrow foot, go for the size smaller (ex: size 7.5 go for 7). If you have a normal to wide foot then move up a size (ex: size 7.5 go for 8).

See our International Size Conversion chart here.

*Yes... exception to the rule we do offer a Men's size 10.5 as this is a very popular size and in US shoe sizing there is a large gap between a Men's size 10 and size 11 #FactOfTheDay ;)
Good questions.

If your original Jibs often ended up stretched out and super loose, then move up a size - most likely to your typical shoe size as Jibs now fit true-to-size and we no longer suggest you move down to a smaller size.

This is due to our new biodegradable, less chemically processed, leather upper which arrives much softer to touch yet also retains its shape so your Jibs fit stronger for longer.

As always - chat with us below or email us if you need a reminder to your size!

We offer free shipping, returns + exchanges for all orders within the US (2-5 business days).

We also offer express shipping via FedEx; see all options available for your location during check-out.

Call/text 929-278-5427 or email and we’ll gladly work with you to find the perfect fit and style to match your everyday needs.

International orders and Sale items are final sale with no returns or exchanges. See here for more information.

Great question if we do say so ourselves ;)

We LOVE to socialize and thus, even thought we are a Direct To Consumer (DTC) brand, every season we find unique destinations for us to all experience Jibs IRL!

Currently if you are lucky enough to find a summering moment in Nantucket you'll find Jibs with our friends at:

It's For Now 29 Centre Street, Nantucket MA

Pop in, say hi, slip on some fun loving footwear while browsing other fabulous (and many female founded) brands!

Leather Care and Cleaning

Your Jibs are designed to work hard and keep up with you throughout your day.
From office to gym and gym to dinner they will need a little TLC from time to time.

Here is how:

The leather upper: To maintain that “just out of the box” glow, take a damp cloth and wipe it over your Jibs from time to time. You can add a drop of dish soap to any stubborn stains and rub and remove with the cloth.

The recycled PVC or Therma Rubber outer soles: For best results take an old toothbrush and some dish soap and scrub out any markings or dirt. Alternatively, Magic Eraser has been known to put the sparkle back in your soles!

The cork Insole (Jibs purchased after May 2020): Due to the natural elements in our latest cork topped insole (aka breathable, flexible and super low impact) we suggest you treat the cleaning of this with hand touch, hand wash with soft dish or clothes soap and then leave it to air dry afterwards.

The cloth Insole (Jibs purchased before May 2020): This is fully washable so you can throw it in the machine and leave it to air dry afterwards. Do not put in machine dryer as this may cause melting or shrinking.

Jibs and Water

Jibs love to splash in puddles and dance in the rain as much as the next shoe, however, like all leather, they are water resistant but not fully waterproof. This means that rain from a light shower will not penetrate your shoes and if immediately left out to dry, they will not be damaged.

Submerging your Jibs in muddy puddles on city streets or diving off the boat into the blue ocean can be appealing but full recovery for your Jibs cannot be guaranteed. They are made from a soft, permeable leather which won’t hold its shape, texture or smell, when submerged in water.

We like to use color rich pigments when dying our leather and refrain from using harsh chemicals. For this reason, the color from your dark colored (black, red, blue in particular) leathers may bleed slightly if your Jibs become wet.

Summering and Wintering

True fact: authentic leather remains neutral regardless of the temperature, and does not retain sweat or odor, allowing our perforated leather shoes to be worn barefoot, to improve with age and be some of the least stinkiest shoes on this planet!

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