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We don’t do Jibs by halves*, but we do fit very true to size. The ultra comfort that flexes between sizes is a result of the natural stretch in our biodegradable perforated leather, allowing for a unique fit to your exact foot shape.

This perfect fit will likely start with a very snug feeling when you first slide Jibs on your feet. They will then stretch out within minutes to hours for a glove like comfort. You can anticipate your Jibs to stretch up to half a size between an hour to a day of strolling the streets or beaches.

Some say, like skinny jeans, if they are super snug at first, (but not painful) they then relax to a perfect glove-like fit. If they are too loose to begin with, they may then stretch and slip off your feet

Curious for half sizes? If you have an average to narrow foot, go for the size smaller (ex: size 7.5 go for 7). If you have a wide foot then move up a size (ex: size 7.5 go for 8). 



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*Yes... exception to the rule we do offer a Men's size 10.5 as this is a very popular size and in US shoe sizing there is a large gap between a Men's size 10 and size 11 #FactOfTheDay ;)