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Meet Our Jibs-bassadors!


Wishing a warm welcome to our BFFs, our forever fam, Jibsbassadors! What a ride we've had with you all and super duper looking forward to all the more fun we have together - and to welcoming in MORE of you amazing women (and men, yes please!) so if you're game to join in please APPLY NOW!


MEET Jaclynn Brenna, aka @jax_brenn CEO of @fylitribe 


MEET Alissa Kacar, aka @newladygolfer


MEET Adaline Kacur, aka @sdmomstyles 


MEET Alex, aka @travelfashiongirl 


MEET Emily Fee, aka @emily.fee  


MEET Alisa Emmel, aka @_happygocurly_ 


MEET Kathryn, aka @sweatpantsnstilettos