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Ultimate Beach To BBQ Style


Welcome to long weekend beach season! And to kick it off, let's join our founder Natalie showcasing just how very versatile her favorite Brazilian beach-sneakers can be - with a taste of adventure and relaxation, visiting a southern Florida off-the-beaten path destination…


Who: Jibs' founder Natalie Kathleen 

Where: North Captiva Island, Florida

What: A hidden-gem of an island community in southern Florida, accessible by boat/plane and only drivable via golf cart... yet fully equipped with fire station and (less than a) handful of shabby-chic restaurants and bars :)

Why: Some sweet AirBnb spots to get away from it all while only a couple hours drive across from Miami!

Random Facts: Kermit is a brilliant host at the Pearl Beach House


Pack and stack the car with goodies and book the ferry - it's time to take an adventure to the cutest little island - it's like Jersey Shore meets Islamorada, meets Riviera Maya... a little tucked away island (separated by a hurricane in 1921..) oasis accessible by boat and full of cute as ever tropical dusty roads!


Jibs North Captiva Classic Gold + Space Gray Duo


There's something so childish and refreshing to be transported away from all the hustle and bustle (yet still with some WiFi!) to recharge and refresh. Always a fan of anything and everything Vitamin D filled, it's no surprise we stumbled upon this quant cottage that fulfilled all our simple beach life desires for the long weekend getaway.


Jibs Journey North Captiva BBQ Classic Gold


Being surrounded by sand, ocean and sunshine is simply the best. Also the best excuse to pair down my style... it's truly the inspiration behind Jibs classic silhouettes (so effortless to wear) tweaked with our more elegant finishes such as glistening Gold, aka perfect BBQ'ing stylish yet not trying too much attire ;)


At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun.

- Sandy Gingras

  Jibs Journey North Captiva SUP Classic Galaxy Blue


If there were any silver linings to come out of Covid lockdown, the discovery of stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) is by far a win in our books - and continually celebrated new hobby! We can pack them up, set off and be exploring so so many unique little spots. Plus, for my adrenaline-addicted personality the super calm sport can etch it up a notch in the Florida waterways thanks to often shark and crocodile encounters :)


Jibs Journey North Captiva SUP Classic Silver

And what better way to test our "splash-able" Jibs then strap them onto the board to enjoy the adventures with me! Yes, in case you didn't know yet, our proprietary biodegradable leathers are created specially to sustain the outdoors lifestyle we know you (and I!) enjoy. The natural leathers will absorb the water and then quite quickly (brighter sunshine, the better) dry right back out to get you down the street for dinner. 

I do like to say "splash-able" rather than waterproof as A. there are some holes in the shoe which obviously allows water flowing through ;) and B. excessive use in salt and/or chlorine water will wear down the leather slightly so they may not come out of the adventure as shiny and soft as your first unboxing. That said, the pair photographed below is my go-go-outdoors pair of Jibs which has seen SUP journeys across Florida, Utah and even jumped in some Canadian (chilly!) ponds throughout the last 3 years... let the good times roll.


Jibs Journey North Captiva Classic Gold


 ...the sunshine through the perforations, my favorite! Taking time to appreciate life's simple pleasures lead to "nice days" indeed. 


Jibs Journey North Captiva Golf Cart Slim White Silver


You know you're in beach tropical paradise when dinner date style is a cover-up dressed up with capped toes :) 


Jibs Journey North Captiva Mid Rise Soft White Nautical Boating


And... holidays always come to and end. Time to slowly add more layers, and keep at heart the "just for fun" mentality. Until next time North Captiva...